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Project Description
Iguana provides a central language and compiler and interpreter package for creating visually appealing websites that target all major browser platforms quickly. Developers no longer have to create separate versions of web applications for each browser. Iguana is developed in C#.

The Idea
The idea behind Iguana is to be able to design your web applications once, in one language and have them look the same in all browsers and on all platforms. The Iguana Interpreter takes your Iguana Markup Language (IML) code and converts it into HTML, CSS and JavaScript that is intelligent enough so that it will render the same in all browsers on all platforms*.

* The Iguana Interpreter will only interpret code that it's programmers have explicitly programmed it to.

The Iguana Project developers are actively defining and developing the Iguana Markup Language and the Iguana Interpreter. You can check out the progress here IML Design Document.

Release Dates
The first release is scheduled for December 24th, 2011.

To Do List
The Iguana project maintains an up-to-date To Do List. If you have some time to get involved, go for it!

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